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Forman Performance
“The first time I held the Anarchy Motive Shift Knob in my hand, I was shocked.  It was heavy.  As in, much heavier than I expected.  A few expletives left my mouth as I tried to gather my thoughts on how it could possibly be this dense!”
” I wish there was a way that I could show or demonstrate the very obvious change in how my shifter felt.  Each throw was smoother, effortlessly slipping into gear, positively finding it’s home.  After a week of driving with the new knob, I simply cannot go back.  The large, spherical design feels so deliberate and massive in the hand.  Almost like you’re holding the entire world in your fist and every shift feels like a gift from a Roman God.  Yeah, that’s right, Apollo would shift with this knob and the Colosseum would break into a roaring cheer.”
“We can’t keep them in stock at the shop.  We have a couple of them displayed on the front counter, and as soon as someone holds on in their hand, it’s a done deal.  Whether we have their first choice of color or not, they don’t want to leave without it.  That’s how good these are.”
“For the quality, feel, fitment, look and price, the Anarchy Motive is going to be a very difficult knob to compete against for a long time ahead.”
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xluben from NASIOC
“Shifts are very quick and smooth. No missed shifts at all. When just cruising around town it feels great too. 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th almost feel like the car shifts for you! Once the momentum of the knob gets moving, it just slides right into the next gear. The knob is a bit different shape than stock (obviously round instead of contoured), but I’m sure most people will have no trouble getting used to that shape. I really like the satin finish on mine, but the gloss finish he has done on other knobs looks great too. Overall I’m super happy with the shift knob! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice heavy knob to go on their shifter!”
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Farazio from NASIOC
“Im reviewing my current shift knob which was also my first mod. After seeing this shift knob on another persons car, i started researching and found the company which made it. Anarchy Motive is a small company out in Orange County California who makes this amazing shift knob. The knob is a full pound heavier than the stock knob. Why is this significant? Because it provides for rediculously buttery shifts. The ball shape fits great in the hand. The powder coat finish is very nice, durable, and has a good texture to it. There are also a lot of different colors to choose from. The knob is made with a CNC machine and has a shift boot retainer incorporated that allows it sit flush against the shift boot. My only con for this product is that its made with some sort of metal and is not delrin. This causes the knob to get extremely hot during the summer so id advise buying a babies sock and putting it on the shift knob during summer. To order this knob for your WRX or STi, hit them up on their site or facebook. Im very satisfied with my Anarchy Motive knob”
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